NIJ Approved


  • American Made

    All operations are performed in the United States to ensure proper oversight every vest is assembled and tested by hand in the USA

  • Weapons lab tested

    All bulletproof vests are both lab tested and field tested & far exceed all government standards for stab, spike, and ballistic resistance

  • Stab, Spike & Edged Blade

    All Armor exceeds maximum NIJ Standard-0115.00 the highest government standard for edged blade, spike, and stab protection.

  • 10 Year Warranty

    Our vests surpass government regulations by such a vast margin that we guarantee our vest will perform to spec for a full 10 years.

  • Government Approved

    Our bulletproof vests are tested exclusively by US sanctioned weapons laboratories. All Armor must exceed government weapons grade standards

  • Shooters Cut

    All armor plates come with a specialized shooters cut we modified for full mobility and coverage to suit fully armed operators

Best Bulletproof Vest

Best Bulletproof Vest

The Best Bulletproof Vest is proven and guaranteed to be the best body armor the world has to offer. Initial development for the armor took years, we coordinated with current and former military personnel in multiple branches of the armed forces. We also received detailed consulting from paramilitary forces and mercenary units to hone our vest down to the most utilitarian design while still implementing the most useful tactical achievements that integrate seamlessly and perform in both the lab and on the field. The Best Bulletproof Vest's armor is hand made, 100% sourced and assembled in America, and tested in U.S government sanctioned weapons laboratories to exceed all government regulations both for NIJ Standard-0115.00 for spike, stab, and edged blade protection and NIJ Standard-0101.06 for ballistic protection.



We have a singular goal and that is to produce the most advanced and safest bullet proof vests available anywhere. Our body armor is meticulously engineered and outperforms government, law enforcement, and military standards. We use only the highest quality, lab tested, super dense, American made armor plates. All of our body armor exceeds United States government standards for ballistic resistance provided through the U.S Department of Justice and National Institute of Justice. All armor also exceeds every government stab and spike protection benchmark. Every piece of body armor is inspected, tested, manufactured, and hand assembled in the USA. All testing is also performed at impartial 3rd party government accredited weapons labs. We believe proper testing and assembly can only happen in the U.S and at government approved arms testing facilities.


Why Buy The Best Bulletproof Vest ? really does only offer the best bullet proof vest. We only produce full NIJ III armor that exceeds government, law enforcement, and military standards. All bulletproof vests we offer come standard with full ballistic protection and the maximum stab and spike protection available anywhere. All products are individually hand assembled and inspected right here in the U.S.A to ensure the highest standard of care. No other company on the planet goes to the extremes of testing and oversight that we do here. We truly sell the best bulletproof vest!

How long do they last ?

A lifetime. We spent years sourcing the strongest materials to construct our vests and then we torture tested them in both weapons laboratories and in the field to ensure no matter what happens to your vest it will stand strong and make sure nothing happens to you. We also included a full 10 year warranty with every vest.

How are the vests tested?

Armor is tested and approved by third party government sanctioned weapons labs. We also hand assemble and inspect every vest individually during the manufacturing process and again prior to shipping. There are compound safety checks and multiple oversight redundancies for operation in the field and during bench marking. Which is performed only in government approved testing facilities. Multiple levels of inspection and security protocols at every stage of the process ensures complete oversight. We also conduct all manufacturing in the U.S by hand to ensure every product is perfect.

What size should I buy ?

There's only one size, and its completely adjustable . All vests are fully modular and can change sizes completely to fit operators of any size. One size doesn’t ever truly fit all, so we made a vest that changes into any size.

Is your armor stab, spike. & edged blade resistant ?

Yes 100%. Our armor exceeds the maximum government safety levels for both stab and spike resistance. We're skeptical of any body armor that doesn't offer full stab and spike protection 100% free. If your armor can't handle a pocket knife why would you trust it to stop high caliber weapons fire? That's why all of our armor is over engineered to exceed not only ballistic resistance standards but also offer full stab and spike protection.

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